TCS team circa 1990.


Harold F. Mailand, seen standing at far right, founded Textile Conservation Services in July of l986.

Prior to this, Mr. Mailand joined the staff of the Indianapolis Museum of Art in l975 and in l983 he was appointed to the position of Associate Conservator of Textiles.  He received his M.A.T. from Indiana University in l974. Since l976 he has been the recipient of six grants to pursue studies in textile conservation through the National Endowment for the Arts; National Museum Act; and the Indiana Arts Commission.

Mr. Mailand's professional training in textile conservation includes internships at The Textile Museum and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

In l985 Mr. Mailand was elected a Fellow into the American Institute for Conservation (AIC).  He has served as Chair of the AIC Nominating Committee, Membership Committee, and the Textile Specialty Group. He has also served two, three-year terms on the Board of Directors of the Costume Society of America (CSA).

Mr. Mailand has written and lectured extensively in North America and Europe on conservation, please see Publications.

In 2002, Mr. Mailand was selected as a Samuel H. Kress Conservation Publication Fellow to pursue research in the traditions of preserving textiles and costumes.  Since 2002 he has also been the instructor for "Care of Textiles" at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, Website:

Mae Danneman Carlson, seen standing third from left, has been a mentor to Harold since the early 1970's. Mae was the first volunteer in the Textile Department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She knows the construction of garments and also how they have been renovated to keep them fashionable. She has always shared her insights and hence has guided many of our costume treatments through to success. As "emeritus" she is in our thoughts, philosophy and is known for such sage advice as: "If you are going to spend that much time on something it should end up looking better." 


Anne McKenzie Nickolson, seen standing second from right, has been part of the TCS team since its inception in 1986.  She holds a BFA in Textile Design from Northern Illinois University and a MFA in Textile Design from Indiana University.  She is a studio artist and her work has been exhibited in the States, as well as, traveling exhibitions worldwide. From 2003-2006 she was the Visiting Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Indiana University.

Vikki B. Flack has a professional quilt and garment making background.  No job is too tedious for her.  She specializes in lost causes.


Ken Myers, seen standing fourth from left, was one of the first volunteers with the Textile Department at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the 1970’s.  He holds Masters degrees in Art Education and Social Work from Indiana University.  His many talents include quilt making, singing, teaching, and creating floral woks for corporate clients.  Ken is known for his mannequin making for Dollywood and tapestry reweaving.

Jim Douglas did undergraduate work at Ball State University after a stint with the US Navy.  Jim is a strapper for tapestries and enjoys standing all day vacuuming and ironing.

Kathy Lechuga started to work with TCS as an intern and documented a private collection.  She is now engaged in treatments and is building an astonishing portfolio of work in book and paper, painting, and textile conservation.  She has a B.A. in Art History with minors in Anthropology, French and Studio Arts from Indiana University. She is a recipient of the 21st Century Scholars Scholarship.


Benjamin Hunt is a free-lance web designer.  His many computer skills have made this web site possible.  His background includes sales, service, and programming.  Also a musician, he has a keen sense of contemporary aesthetics.



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