TCS team at work on a large tapestry.


Treatments are provided for a variety of objects such as: tapestries, costumes, quilts, coverlets, needlework, flags, uniforms, rugs, and in-situ upholstery.

Treatment services include: wet-cleaning, consolidation of tears, structural and aesthetic compensation for loss, and various exhibition mounting formats.

Condition Reports and Treatment Proposals are prepared to inform and to establish treatment and budget priorities. Documentation includes written reports and color slides. All work is guided by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works' (AIC's) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Treatments are executed by the Director and/or by specially trained and supervised associates.

In addition, TCS provides: lectures, consultations, and workshops on a wide range of textile/costume concerns. On-site surveys can be arranged to assess environmental, collection, storage and exhibition systems. On-site treatments are also available.


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